Sony Surveillance Cameras

Sony offers a full range of analog and IP cameras designed to integrate seamlessly with legacy networks and with other vendor products. Sony Security cameras include:

IPELA: Sony IP Cameras

IPELA is Sony’s line of high-definition IP cameras with a range of price points and functionalities to fit any application.
  • Advanced image sensors and running image-enhancement technologies, enabling users to capture clear and bright video in even the most challenging environments.
  • Visual recognition, intelligent detection, robust processing techniques and advanced search capabilities make this camera suitable for all types of security applications including those in high-risk areas where real-time access to video is essential.

IPELA Hybrid Solution

Sony’s IPELA Hybrid Solution simultaneously transmits analog and IP-based HD images over a single coaxial cable. This enables customers to continue utilizing their investments in analog cabling and control rooms while implementing a stages migration to IP. Analog Cameras
Sony’s line of analog cameras provides improved imaging and greater clarity at an affordable price. The analog cameras draw on Sony’s advanced imaging technology to improve clarity even in extremely bright or low light conditions.

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