Netgear Switches

NETGEAR switches deliver innovative solutions to consumers, businesses and service providers without the cost and complexity. For small to medium organizations, NETGEAR Unmanaged, Plus and Smart switches are easy to use and install. For larger enterprise and campus networks, NETGEAR Fully Managed infrastructures seamlessly connect end-users, converged services, servers and storage across highly flexible core, distribution and access layers.

Fully Managed NETGEAR Switches

Intelligent Netgear switches with integrated security, high availability, delivery optimization and enhanced manageability, designed for enterprise and campus networks.

Smart Netgear Switches

These Netgear switches are cost-effective and ideal for Small and Medium businesses with essential set of network features and easy-to-use web-based management.

Unmanaged Netgear Switches

Plug-and-play switches for businesses in need of instant connectivity with no management required.

ProSafe Plus

NETGEAR ProSafe Plus switches empowers small businesses with the capabilities to monitor and configure their network beyond simple connectivity.

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